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Parts for Porsche Cayenne

Number of parts : 5

A propos de la traduction Pack of 5 microfibre cloths 40 x 40 cm

Customers' note : 107 votes
107 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped
19 March 2018
5 microfibre cloths
Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm

A propos de la traduction Belgom Chrome 250 ml

Customers' note : 111 votes
111 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped
19 March 2018
Belgom Chrome is a cream polish which de-oxidises, shines and leaves a fine protective layer which protects chromes against corrosion and enables it to keep its shine.

A propos de la traduction Belgom Rims 500 ml

Customers' note : 6 votes
6 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped
19 March 2018
It is difficult to beat tough problems with gentle products. Belgom Rims contains sodium hydroxide which makes it particularly effective for cleaning all types of painted or chrome wheel rims, solid or spoked, steel or alloy, but also hub caps.

Warning: do not use it on damaged rims whose varnish could be damaged, nor on unprotected or anodised aluminium.

A propos de la traduction Vulcanet car and motorcycle cleaning wipes

Customers' note : 16 votes
16 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped
19 March 2018
Car and motorcycle cleaning wipes, waterless

ALL IN 1 solution!
Vulcanet is a complete cleaning product for the one-off or recurrent maintenance of your motorcycle or car. To use Vulcanet, is to achieve perfection!
Vulcanet wipes are the only choice when selecting a product to care for the bodywork, rims, paintwork, plastic, windows and chrome on your car or motorcycle.
Having won an award for innovation in 2008, this product ensures the maintenance of your engines, but also the removal of traces of tar, impacted insects, scratches, leather...

Instructions for use
- Remove the wipe from the box.
- Fold in half and hold flat on the hand.
- Rub against the surface without pressing down. When the surface becomes "slippery" you can begin to gently apply pressure.
- Always start with a small area, making light circles and ensuring not to rub too hard.
Vulcanet traps particles, while cleaning and applying a protective film over the surface.
- Then wipe over with the micro-fibre 420 cloth (provided), using a quick circular motion, and without pressing down.
The micro-fibre 420 cloth is not intended to clean, but merely finish the surface: the result is radiant.


All in 1 - bodywork shampoo - gloss - polish - protection - insect-remover - window cleaner - wheel rim cleaner - tar remover - bumper and tyre shine - chrome shine - windshield rain-protection - matte or gloss dashboard cleaner - carpet - alcantara - leatherette - leather - streak-free - lint-free - chamois-free - machine-free - waterless, no tools required - compact - can be stored in the boot - can be used anywhere - doesn't do the dishes or make coffee

Box of 80 wipes + micro-fibre cloth

A propos de la traduction Kit Meguiars Mirror Bright - coffret de 5 produits

Under 7 days
Under 7 days
Sacoche de 5 produits Meguiar's Mirror Bright :
- Spray de finition - 650 ml
- Nettoyant jante - 650 ml
- Lotion cuir - 414 ml
- Shampoing de carrosserie - 1400 ml
- Cire lustrante - 414 ml

Sacoche offerte.

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