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Parts for VW Bus Bay Window

Number of parts : 7

A propos de la traduction Pack of 5 microfibre cloths 40 x 40 cm

Customers' note : 101 votes
101 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped tomorrow
06 December 2016
5 microfibre cloths
Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm

A propos de la traduction Belgom Chrome 250 ml

Customers' note : 107 votes
107 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped tomorrow
06 December 2016
Belgom Chrome is a cream polish which de-oxidises, shines and leaves a fine protective layer which protects chromes against corrosion and enables it to keep its shine.

A propos de la traduction Autoglym Ultra-Active Insect remover 500 ml

Customers' note : 3 votes
3 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped tomorrow
06 December 2016
Concentrated foam designed to dissolve the remains of insects crushed on the body, windscreen and vehicle headlights.
Shake well. Spray the product onto the surface which you wish to clean.
Leave for approximately 30 seconds so that the insect remains soften. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Finally, wash the surface with dry paper or rinse it with hose if you are using the product before washing the car normally.

A propos de la traduction Nettoyant Iron X - 500 ml

Customers' note : 30 votes
30 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped tomorrow
06 December 2016
- Permet de retirer aisément et en toute sécurité les particules ferreuses.
- pH Neutre - pH-7
- A utiliser sur la peinture, les chromes, le verre et les jantes alu.

- Nettoyer la surface à traiter.
- Bien agiter avant utilisation
- Pulvériser la surface, attendez 3 à 5 min que les particules changent de couleurs et deviennent violettes.
- Frotter avec une éponge douce et humide.
- Rincer abondamment à l'eau

Utiliser des protections pour les mains et les yeux.
Travailler en milieu aéré.
Conserver dans un endroit frais et sec.
Tenir hors de portée des enfants.

A propos de la traduction POLYTROL 0,5 L : Plastic, stone, cement, metal renovator

Customers' note : 138 votes
138 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped tomorrow
06 December 2016

Restores gloss and protects chrome or polished metals: aluminum, chrome, brass, bronze ...

Revives the color and appearance of the plastic and faded gelcoats (bumper cars, boat hulls, garden furniture, shutters).

Regenerates marble, tile, slate, terracotta, stones whose color has been altered over the time.

Restores the luster to paints and varnishes that have suffered from bad weather.

For use and best results, refer to the instructions for use and application found on the product.

A propos de la traduction Autoglym Super Resin Polish 500 ml

Customers' note : 25 votes
25 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped tomorrow
06 December 2016
Super Resin Polish cleans, polishes, shines and provides long-term protection for all types of paint, new or slightly worn, including lacquered and metallic paints.
Shiny surfaces treated with this polish are exceptionally resistant to detergents, UV rays and external attacks from the environment.
Shake well. Using a soft cotton cloth apply it to the already washed and dry surfaces to be treated, in large circular movements. Rub a bit harder to remove tarnishing and scratches.
After application, and once dry, polish immediately or later, with a clean and dry cloth.

A propos de la traduction AccuMate automatic charger for 6 V/12 V batteries

Customers' note : 68 votes
68 notas
Under 4 weeks
Under 4 weeks
6 and 12 volt charger
Once connected, AccuMate keeps your battery at a suitable voltage to prevent sulphation during the vehicle's period of inactivity.

- charge current: 1.2 A
- for 4 Ah to 75 Ah battery, conventional lead/acid 6 and 12 V
- for Gel and MF 12 V type batteries

Supplied with a set of permanent connectors resistant to adverse weather conditions and a set of crocodile clips for a battery.

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