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Gift ideas - Porsche 993

Number of parts : 4

A propos de la traduction OMP "Tazio" fingerless leather driving gloves - Size L

Customers' note : 19 votes
19 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped
27 March 2017
Fingerless driving gloves made from flexible brown leather.
Size L - equivalent to 28 cm hand circumference, excluding thumb.

A propos de la traduction PORSCHE LM N.00 Magazine - Porsche Lifestyle Megascene

Customers' note : 5 votes
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In stock
In stock, shipped
27 March 2017
164-page magazine, high-quality content and presentation.
Every article is translated into French, English and German.
2013 Special collector's edition!

- Porsche 550A-119 Spyder in competition
- Porsche 356 Pre A Outlaw Turbo
- 911S 1973 R-Gruppe
- 356B - Outlaw
- 911 Rally Look 934
- The beginnings of Gijs Van Lennep
- Jürgen Barth on the GroupeCs
- Portfolio Dutchman Photos
- Rennsport Meeting IV
- Classics at the Castle
- 914 in Reims

A propos de la traduction Book: Haynes Great Cars Series: Porsche 911 - A celebration of the world's most revered sports car

In stock
In stock, shipped
27 March 2017
The Porsche 911 is arguably the most instantly recognisable sports car in the world, and has become an icon. Since its introduction more than 40 years ago, in 1963, the 911 has been constantly refined and updated to maintain its position at the forefront of the supercar league. Despite its awe-inspiring performance, the use of advanced engineering and leading-edge technology has ensured that Porsche's core model is undoubtedly one of the most usable and durable high-performance cars available. This beautifully produced edition will appeal to all sports car fans as well as to Porsche 911 owners and enthusiasts.
160 pages, 200 colour & 50 black & white illustrations

Manual in English
Manuel en anglais,
Dictionnaire technique Anglais/Français disponible en téléchargement en cliquant ici
Dictionnaire technique Anglais/Espagnol disponible en téléchargement en cliquant ici

A propos de la traduction Porsche 911, pleasure in its purest form

In stock
In stock, shipped
27 March 2017
Is there another car offering such pure pleasure? Since 1963, the Porsche 911, the brand's legendary model, has been seducing sporty car lovers And this is still happening...
Its "frog eyes" have been mocked. But so what! It is all the more seductive. But beware! Under the bonnet sleeps a wild animal, ready to roar, which offers breathtaking acceleration to speeds which border on madness.
This book is for those who are passionate about "the 911 myth" for any reason: ownership, admiration, driving pleasure, classic cars, love of beauty, etc.
In this book, we learn about the 911 from its beginnings, through the main versions which have marked a long career already 50 years old! You will find the "Classics", the famous 2.0 litre S to which the sporting successes of the 911 owes so much, the Targa "Police" version so cherished by the Belgian police, the extravagant and impressive 930 Turbo, the 959, victorious in Paris-Dakar, the legendary and very elegant 3.6 litre Speedster or the four-wheel drive 964 And many others...
These exceptional Porsches are described by highlighting their technical specifications and the detailswhich enable them to be identified.

Number of pages: 128
Photos: 340 colour and Black&White
Format: 270 x 240 mm

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