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Alternator pulley - and accessories - Audi A3 (8P)

Number of parts : 1

A propos de la traduction Alternator pulley with free wheel for Audi A3 (8L, 8P), TT (8N) and A4 (B6)

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25 April 2017
For A3 (8L) with 70A or 90A alternator,
from chassis 8L-W-095 001->:
- 1.9 TDi 90hp and 100hp (AGR, ALH, ATD, AXR)
- 1.9 TDi 110hp (AHF, ASV)

For A3 (8L) with 120A alternator,
from chassis 8L-W-095 001->:
- All models except 1.9 TDi 130hp (ASZ)

For A3 (8P) with 110A alternator:
- 1.9 TDi 105hp (BKC, BLS, BXE)
- 2.0 TDi 136hp and 140hp (AZV, BMM, BMN, BKD)

For A3 (8P) with 140A alternator:
- 1.6 102hp (BGU, BSE, BSF)
- 1.9 TDi 105hp (BKC, BLS, BXE)
- 2.0 TDi 140hp and 170hp (BKD, BMM, BMN)
- 2.0 FSi 150hp (AXW, BLX, BLY, BMB, BLR, BVY, BVZ)
- 2.0 TFSi 200hp (AXX, BPY, BWA)
- S3 Quattro 256hp and 26hp (BZC, BHZ)

For TT (8N) with 120A alternator:
- All models

For A4 (B6) with 140A alternator,
from chassis 8E-4-000 001->:
- 1.9 TDi 101hp and 116hp (AVB, BKE)
- 1.9 TDi 130hp (AVF)

Freewheel clutch pulley for alternator

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