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AQUA 8 - 10l Fiamma pump - campers and caravans. - CW10621

AQUA 8 - 10l Fiamma pump - campers and caravans.

In stock, shipped tomorrow
17 October 2018

Description A propos de la traduction

Self-priming pump with incorporated filter and Silent Plate series anti-vibration buffers, up to 3m chute height.
The stainless steel filter prevents impurities from passing through.
Automatic operation thanks to the pressure switch which turns the pump on and off as required.
It resists deposits and oxidation and it can operate in any position without risking damage.
Delivered with angled and straight quick connectors for Ø 13 mm tubes.
Standard version of to pressure switch set to 1.8 Bar for the Truma storage water heater.
Consumption: 3.4A.
Flow at 0 bar: 10 l/min.
Noise level: 55/60 db.
Pressure switch activation: 1.5 bar, 21.75 Psi.
Voltage: 12V.
Weight: 1.5 Kg.

We recommend:
- fully draining the pump and water circuit before each winter.
- if possible, install a switch or circuit breaker to stop power supply to the pump when the camper is stopped or when the water supply tank is empty.
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