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Cam-Shield Treatment - ZDDP - 88.5 - UD10320

Cam-Shield Treatment - ZDDP - 88.5

In stock, shipped
24 April 2017

Description A propos de la traduction

This zinc-based treatment (anti-friction lubricant) extends your engine's longevity by protecting the camshaft and tappets.
Modern oils do not have the same properties and the ZDDP content hasgreatly reduced.
This lack of ZDDP results in wear and deterioration ofcamshafts and tappets, causing, among other things, pitting on older engines (VW air-cooled, for example).

This Cam Shield additive retains a good level of ZDDP content and therefore effectively protects your camshaftand tappets. Assembly greases are also available.

With Cam Shield your camshafts, tappets, rocker arms, valve stems, etc. will finally be lubricated as they should be.

Contents: 88.5 ml, ideal to treat 4 to 5L of oil for a racing car or 8 to 10L for normal usage.

Warning: not suitable for cars fitted with a catalytic converter.
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