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Chromium & aluminium maintenance - body - Porsche 911 & 912

Number of parts : 5

A propos de la traduction OUATOR Auto Moto Bateau 75 g polishing cotton

In stock
In stock, shipped
24 April 2017
This impregnated cotton polishes and shine chrome, aluminium, copper and polished metals.

This product restores the original appearance of chromes, non-anodised aluminium, stainless steel and varnished surfaces.

The OUATOR product is much more than a simple cleaner, it also improves and enhances the appearance of your metals.
It revives, polishes and greatly reduces light scratches, it eliminates traces and pits of rust and removes tough stains.

It removes oxidation and discolouration, renews oxidized paint and restores a sparkling shine and provides effective and durable protection against corrosion.

OUATOR is free of silicone, steel wool and chlorine products.

A propos de la traduction Belgom Aluminium 250 ml

In stock
In stock, shipped
24 April 2017
Belgom Alu is an unparalleled product forpolishing and shining aluminium (engine casings, fork blades, wheel rims, etc.), stainless steel (exhausts, etc.), copper and all alloys (cars, motorbikes, boats, etc.). Belgom Alu contains finely calibrated mineral fillers for gentle polishing without scratching. It is also used on mechanical components, to hand polish connecting rods, balance weights, intake and exhaustducts, cylinder heads, pistons, valve stems, etc.

A propos de la traduction Belgom Chrome 250 ml

In stock
In stock, shipped
24 April 2017
Belgom Chrome is a cream polish which de-oxidises, shines and leaves a fine protective layer which protects chromes against corrosion and enables it to keep its shine.

A propos de la traduction Chrompolitur - chrome maintenance by Autosol

In stock
In stock, shipped
24 April 2017
Developed by Autosol, supplier to EADS, this product is perfect for cleaningand polishing all metals.
Particularly recommended to remove and protect against rust

For cars, motorbikes, lorries, interiors or exteriors, etc.

A propos de la traduction Meguiars NXT Metal Polysh - Entretien métaux - 200 g

Out of supply<br/>No supply date available
Out of supply
No supply date available
Meguiar's NXT Metal Polysh s'applique sur tous types de métaux.

Il permet de lustrer et de protéger toutes les parties métalliques brutes et chromées de votre véhicule tels que les jantes, les pare-chocs, l'échappement...

Redonne de la brillance et protège de la corrosion.

Pot de 200 grammes.

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