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Cleaning products - rim - Audi A4 (B5)

Number of parts : 5

A propos de la traduction Tyres cleaner Iron X - 500 ml

In stock
In stock, shipped today
24 April 2017
Iron-X has a neutral PH formula (ph-7)
It allows d'enlever without effort and with safety the iron particles, especially the breaks dust.

This product can be used on paint, chromes, glass and aluminum rims.

The iron-X allows to clean deeply with excellent results. It goes from transparent to violet, during its application.

Advise: Use gloves during its application, because it has a strong and persistent smell.

500ml bottle.

For an easier cleaning, the surface should be clear of organic stains. Like this, the product will work on iron wastes.

A propos de la traduction Belgom Rims 500 ml + 1 free

In stock
In stock, shipped today
24 April 2017
It is difficult to beat tough problems with gentle products. Belgom Rims contains sodium hydroxide which makes it particularly effective for cleaning all types of painted or chrome wheel rims, solid or spoked, steel or alloy, but also hub caps.

Warning: do not use it on damaged rims whose varnish could be damaged, nor on unprotected or anodised aluminium.

SPECIAL OFFER: 1 bought = 1 for free

A propos de la traduction Autoglym Acid-Free Wheel Rim Cleaner 500 ml

In stock
In stock, shipped today
24 April 2017
Acid-free wheel rim cleaner is specially formulated to rapidly dissolve brake dust, corrosion and road film on chrome, polished or anodised aluminium wheel rims.

Can be used on all types of chrome, polished aluminium, anodised, lacquered, painted or plastic wheel trims. Ensure the rim is cold to the touch. Spray generously. Leave for approximately 1 min. Clean a single room at a time. Rub with a sponge if necessary.

RINSE CAREFULLY with fresh water. Repeat if necessary.

A propos de la traduction Power Wheels Lescot - Nettoyant jantes - 500 ml

In stock
In stock, shipped today
24 April 2017
Nettoyant jantes gel surpuissant.
Il élimine efficacement les poussières grasses de plaquettes de freins. Sa texture gel lui permet de mieux adhérer aux surfaces et d'améliorer le contact avec les salissures.
Sa formule est enrichie d'un additif passivant qui retarde l'encrassement des surfaces traitées ainsi que des inhibiteurs de corrosion. Il convient donc à tout type de jantes et enjoliveurs. Sa teinte rose vous permet de visualiser la surface traitée.

Conditionnement: 500 ml

A propos de la traduction Nettoyant jante Meguiars Mirror Bright - 650 ml

In stock
In stock, shipped today
24 April 2017
Nettoyant jantes Meguiar's Mirror Bright.

Efficace sur tous types de jantes : aluminium, chromées et peintes.

Contenance : 650 ml

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