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Complete carburetor kit - progressive 32 36 - VW Bus Bay Window

Number of parts : 2

A propos de la traduction Weber/Empi EPC 32-36 progressive central carburettor kit for Type 1 engine

Customers' note : 8 votes
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In stock
In stock, shipped tomorrow
28 March 2017
For Beetle& Combi with Type 1 :
1300, 1600 + dobble admission
Complete kit: a progressive 32-36 EMPI EPC twin-body carburettor, with electric choke, the intake pipe, the filter, the seals and the mounting fitting.

The 32-36 is a progressive twin-body carburettor, during acceleration, the 32 body opens, then the 36 when more power is required, which means fuel economy, more flexibility and torque.

Information: the kit works very well with an original turbine with a recess at the top and middle, but this is not the case for completely smooth reproduction versions. To be able to install the carburettor, it needs to be modified by creating a hollow space.
The carburetor of this kit is not a real WEBER, but it's the same global principle of operation. The admission pipe is not suitable for Combi brake servo depression, you have to use a thread connection to reconnect the original pipe.

A propos de la traduction Central carburettor kit, Empi EPC 32-36 progressive for type 4 engine

Customers' note : 3 votes
3 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped tomorrow
28 March 2017
For Combi 71-> with type 4 engine 1700, 1800 & 2.0L
For Transporter engine 2.0L air-cooled
Complete kit: one twin-body progressive carburettor EMPI 32-36 EPC with electric choke, the inlet pipe, the filter, the seals and everything needed for fitting.

The 32-36 is a twin body progressive carburettor, on acceleration the 32 body opens then the 36 body when there is more power demand, which makes for fuel savings, greater flexibility and torque.

This part was the subject of a full article in VW Tech no. 28

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