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Fluids extractor - pneumatic - Hand tools

Number of parts : 2

A propos de la traduction Air Brake Bleeding and Oil Extractor Unit

In stock
In stock, shipped
18 December 2017
- for a clean oil change
- usable for engine, transmission, rear axle oil
and other non-corrosive liquids
- 5 l container for accommodating the fluids
- suitable for oil extraction on all Smart models and
also for all other vehicleswhen an oil change is
performed without using a car lift
- with a special brake breather hose and 2 extraction hoses
- working pressure: 4.9 to 11.9 bar
- air connection: 1/4"

A propos de la traduction Fluid Extractor Pneumatic 12L

Under 1 week
Under 1 week
Can be used for oil drainage and brake or clutch bleeding.
Also ideal for contaminated fuel and can be used with petrol and Diesel.
12L capacity with 72-100psi.
Completewith 4 adaptor tubes.
Complete with 4 adaptor tubes.
Suitable for many trades including marine andagriculturebut mainly automotive.

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