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Lambda sensor, accessories - exhaust - Audi A6 (C4)

Number of parts : 2

A propos de la traduction 1oxygen sensor for A4 (B5) and A6 (C4, C5)

In stock
In stock, shipped
22 October 2018
For A4 (B5):
- 2.8 193hp (ACK, ALG)
- 2.4 163hp and 165hp (AGA, AJG, ALF)

For A6 (C4):
- 1.8 125hp (ADR)
- 2.8 193hp (ACK)

For A6 (C5) ->4B-X-067800:
- 2.4 136hp (ALW, ASM)
- 2.4 156hp (APC) up to chassis ->4B-Y-200000
- 2.4 163hp (AJG, APZ, AMM)
- 2.4 165hp (AGA, ALF, AML, APS, ARJ)
- 2.7 Turbo 230hp (AJK)
- 2.8 180hp (AGE) up to chassis ->4B-Y-200000
- 2.8190hp (ATX)
- 2.8 193hp (ACK, ALG, AMX, APR, AQD)

Advice: to determine if the cause of excessive pollution from your vehicle comes from the oxygensensor(s): ask your garage to conduct a diagnostic (examination with case).
Mecatechnic does not accept any returned sensors which show signs of having been installed. Thank you for your understanding.

Original reference:
030 906 265 BH / 030 906 265 AE / 030 906 265 BJ

A propos de la traduction Screw-in Cell Fix for lambda sensor correction

Customers' note : 23 votes
23 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped
22 October 2018
Cell fix prevents the Check Engine warning light on the instrument panel coming on. The Cell Fix screws directly into the lambda sensor hole and the sensor is screwed into the Cell Fix. Moving the sensor away from its original location enabling the gas analysis to be corrected and preventing the fault code.
Universal screw-in model.

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