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OKRASA performance kit - preparation - VW Bus Bay Window

Number of parts : 1

A propos de la traduction OKRASA style engine kit for 25/30 bhp engine

Under 4 weeks
Under 4 weeks
Developed in the USA, this kit enables you to boost your 25/30 bhp engine, just like OKRASA did at the time, for a maximum power of 36 bhp and a very healthy gain in torque which transforms the driving pleasure of your vintage car!
All the original details have been preserved and the Wolfsburg West's high quality standards have been adhered to. The cylinder heads retain their original compression rate of 7.5:1. The exhaust valves are made from stainless steel. The original cylinder head, the Solex 32PBIC reproduction carburettors and the Okrasa style air filters are the right parts to create a high-performance vintage style like in the 50s!

This comprehensive kit includes:
- 2 dual-intake cylinder heads with valves and springs
- 4 shortened dowels for the centre of the cylinder head
- 2 intake pipes with balancing line
- 2 32PICB new carburettors with their air filters
- 1 special linkage identical to the original Okrasa one
- 1 copper petrol duct

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