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Opaljet 5W30 Energy Oil 3, 2 l -30,000 to 50,000 km - UD10003

Opaljet 5W30 Energy Oil 3, 2 l -30,000 to 50,000 km

In stock, shipped tomorrow
25 April 2017

Description A propos de la traduction

OPALJET ENERGY 3, 5W30 is a top of the range oil, 100% synthetic, which can save up to 8% fuel, depending on usage (urban, motorway, traffic congestion, etc.).

Meets VW 504.00 specifications (petrol), 507.00 (Diesel). It enables the oil change intervals to be extended in conjunction with the WIV system installed in new VWs (up to 30,000 km for petrol engines and 50,000 km for Diesel engines and, depending on the WIV system information) and to extend the working life of post-treatments (particle filters, catalytic converters).

Suitable for all VW vehicles, including those with pump injectors (except LUPO 3L with ANY or AYZ engine and R5 V10 TDI).

The 5W grade guarantees greater fuel economy:
More fluid when cold, this enables moving parts to be rapidly lubricated during cold-starting, while optimising your engine's performance (less friction during start-up).
The "30" grade is more fluid when warm than most oils on the market (SAE 40 grade when warm) to optimise the engine's mechanical performance The SAE 30 grade enables lubrication without causing much in the way of energy losses.

Low volatility and non-shearable thanks to its 100% synthetic nature.
Extended oil change intervals in VWs.
Protects particle filtersagainst clogging.

OPALJET ENERGY 3 is miscible with all engine oils, synthetic or mineral, even ones with graphite. But its high performance and its properties are only guaranteed if used on its own.

Long Life Oil, VW 504.00 Type-approved Petrol, Diesel 507.00
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