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Opaljet Futura Oil 5W40 2 l -injector pumps and particle filter - UD10005

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Opaljet Futura Oil 5W40 2 l -injector pumps and particle filter

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28 March 2017

Description A propos de la traduction

UNIL OPAL OPALJET FUTURA is a very-highperformance multigrade oil, specially formulated to lubricate the new generation of VL Turbo Diesel engines fitted with an pump injector and to extend the service life of post-treatments (particle filters in particular).
Thanks to its very low viscosity grade and carefully chosen synthetic components, UNIL OPAL OPALJET FUTURA possesses natural multigrade properties.
With great fluidity at low temperatures, UNIL OPAL OPALJET FUTURA reduces wear in extreme cold starting conditions
The very carefully formulated UNIL OPAL OPALJET FUTURA prevents the formation of deposits whatever fuelisused, both at high and low temperatures.
The API SM/CF and ACEA C3/A3/B4 standards which UNIL OPAL OPALJET FUTURA meets offers the most reliable guarantee of high quality and consistency in its formulation.
Its heat stability and its very effective special additives make UNIL OPAL OPALJETFUTURA the ideal lubricant for the most sophisticated engines, particularly those with an injector pump.
UNIL OPAL OPALJET FUTURA protects particle filters against clogging

Long Life Oil, Diesel 505.01 TDI injector pumps
Meets standards ACEA C3, ACEA A3/B4, API SM/CF, VW 502.00/505.00,MB229.31, Ford M2C 917A, PORSCHE, BMW Long life-04
Type-approved: VW 505.01, Renault RN 0700 and RN 0710
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