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VW Parts and accessories for VW Golf, Polo & Passat

  • Volkswagen Golf 1 74->93
  • Volkswagen Golf 2 83->91
  • Volkswagen Golf 3 91->97
  • Volkswagen Golf 4 97->2003
  • Volkswagen Golf 5 2003->2008
  • Volkswagen Golf 6 2008->2013
  • Volkswagen Scirocco 74->92
  • Volkswagen Corrado 89->95
  • Volkswagen New Beetle 98->
  • Volkswagen Polo 86C ->94
  • Volkswagen Polo 6N / 6N2 / 6V2 94->2002
  • Volkswagen Polo 9N / 9N2 / 9N3 2002->
  • Volkswagen Passat 3 88->96
  • Volkswagen Passat 4 96->2000
  • Volkswagen Passat 5 2000->2005

Volkswagen Classic Parts
Mecatechnic gives you direct access to over 50,000 pieces of Volkswagen Classic Parts in Germany !
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Volkswagen history

Volkswagen was created in 1936, the objective of the first commercialized model was to be economical and accessible. That's when a mythical model appeared: the Beetle. For many years it was the only model of the VW brand. VW launched the Passat in 1973. It is a high-range and modern family car, with 5 seats. As of today's date, within the 8 generations of Passat, more than 6 million of copies have been produced. It was in 1974 when the Volkswagen brand launched a new emblematic model: the Golf. Its design and its working are completely different from those of the Beetle, and obtained in this way a feverish welcome when it was commercialized. However the Golf holds the third place of the most sold car in the world, today there are seven generations of Golf. In the same year, a Golf coupé, the Scirroco entered the market. The coupé Corrado succeeded it in 1988. It claimed to be a showcase for the brand. Its chassis based on the one of the Golf 2 (then of the Golf 3), coupled with the rear of the Passat 3. It was finally stopped in 1995. The Giant VW imposed itself on the market of the "small" thanks to its new urban car: the Polo. This car appeared in 1975 and 7 generations will succeed one another. As well as its sister the Golf, the Polo's name comes from the sport discipline. It was in 1995 when VW launched the production of the New Beetle, inspired by the Beetle. Its new design seduced the general public. It was in 2011 when the New Beetle of VW ended to give way to its successor which also wears the name of Beetle.