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Parts for Porsche Boxster 986

The Porsche Boxster, produced from 1997, gets its name from the association of 'boxer': which is the type of engine 6-cylinders of Porsche, and of 'Roadster': refering to a 2-seats coupé. This new model, which arrived 2 years after the stop of the production of the 928 and 968, comes from the will of the executive chief of Porsche to expand the range and gave access to the world Porsche to a less rich clientele. The first version of the Porsche Boxster, presented in 1996 and produced the following year, was called Porsche 986 because of its 'type'. Sport cabriolet, it was equipped with a 6-cylinder in rear central position just like its grand-mother, the VW-Porsche-914. It develops 2.4hp on the first 2.5l, then 220hp and 228hp in 2.7l and 252hp and 260hp for the version 3.2l which equipped the 986 S. The type 986 left in 2004 with a limited production over-equipped, the 550 (266hp). Stylistically revised in 2005, the Boxster called 987 was used as basis for a new model of Porsche: Le Cayman. Actually it is considered as a Boxster with a hardtop, and in this way, it is more able for the tracks. The Cayman was presented in 2005 and proposed in two other versions even more sporting, the Cayman R and Cayman S. Its engine 'boxer' 6-cylinders develops 245hp for 2.7l, then in restyling phase in 2009, 255hp for 2.9l. The versions 'S' and 'R' have a big 3.4l of 295 and 330hp!