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R-J-S.208 - Click spanners with fixedratchet - FA43351

R-J-S.208 - Click spanners with fixedratchet

Under 1 week

Description A propos de la traduction

- Accuracy: ± 4%.
- Endurance of mechanism: 25,000 cycles.
- 72-tooth ratchet (return 5°), use with sockets.
- One-way spanners.
- Touch-sensitive and audible release when the torque is achieved.
- Automatic reset.
- Supplied with

Standard: NF EN ISO 6789, ISO 6789, DIN EN ISO 6789
L [mm]: 479
l [mm]: 479
Capacity [N.m]: 40 - 200
Square []: 1/2
Scale [N.m]: 2.0
[kg]: 1.220
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Infos Expédition

The average deadline of 1 week shown on FA43351 :R-J-S.208 - Click spanners with fixedratchet is the one which passes by between the day of validation of your order and that where we receive in our premises the product of the supplier.
In this average deadline of 1 weeks is added the delay of packaging and delivery (it depends on the place of reception of your parcel and the carrier associated with your order).

Attention if the part is in small quantity at the supplier, or in great demand, it's possible that between the moment of your order and our order at the supplier, it's not available any more.
We shall then try to resupply as quickly as possible as soon as it will be it again.