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Soldering iron - consumables & tools - Audi 100

Number of parts : 9

A propos de la traduction Soldering Iron, 40 W

Customers' note : 7 votes
7 notas
Under 2 weeks
Under 2 weeks
- TÜV / GS approved
- 220V
- VDE-plug
- bended tip

A propos de la traduction Digital Electronic Soldering Station

In stock
In stock, shipped today
17 January 2017
- Ideal for electricians, schools,
car electricians and for development and production
- soldering iron holder and cleaning sponge
- digital LCD temperature display simultaneously
shows the set and actual temperature
- compact design
- electronic temperature control
- reaches set temperature after a short time
- secure, low operating voltage on soldering iron
- temperature pre-selection by buttons 200°, 300°,400°
- fine adjustment is done via + and - buttons
- conversion button for switching the unit from °C to °F
- potential equalization socket for protecting
sensitive components
- error appears on the display and by an audible signal
- power supply: 220 to

A propos de la traduction Gas soldering iron - 195 mm

Customers' note : 3 votes
3 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped today
17 January 2017
Butane soldering iron, electronic ignition and adjustable heat.

For making jewellery, modelling, small repairs, soldering, welding, rope cutting and thermo-shrinking.

Easy to use and rechargeable with butane for lighters. Consists of 4 tips.

A propos de la traduction Fer à souder pour l'électronique

In stock
In stock, shipped today
17 January 2017
Il est équipé d'un thermostat pour température précise de 250°C. Idéal pour le soudage de composants électroniques.
Facile et pratique. Temps de chauffe réduit. Interrupteur avec blocage. Eclairage de la panne à souder pour une meilleure vision, même dans des endroits difficilement accessibles.
Avec cordon spirale et fiche spéciale MICROMOT pour le branchement aux transfos MICROMOT (à partir de 1.0 A)

Données techniques :
Tension : 12 - 18 V
Puissance : 1.0 A
Température constante : 250 °C

Livré sans transfo.

A propos de la traduction Fer à souder - 40W / 12V

In stock
In stock, shipped today
17 January 2017
Idéal pour les réparations au niveau du tableau de bord.

Alimentation sur allume cigare : 12V
Ampérage : 40W

Conforme aux normes ROHS
Certifié CE

A propos de la traduction Pistolet soudeur FACOM - 75 Watt

Under 1 week
Under 1 week
Puissance à froid : aprox. 150 Watt
Puissance à chaud : aprox. 75 Watt
Temps d'échauffement : aprox. 20 S
Poids sans conduite de raccordement : 100 gr
Tension : 230 Volt
Conduite de raccordement : 1.5 m PVC

A propos de la traduction 68-watt digital antistatic soldering station

Paiement en plusieurs fois par carte bancaire
Under 1 week
Under 1 week
- Ultra-rapid warm-up time: 9 s.
- Adjustable automatic standby mode for reduced electricity consumption and automatic shut-off.
- Ultra-compact station.
- Temperature calibration possible for increased accuracy. Reduction of deviation between temperature on display andthat of the soldering iron tip. - Temperature setpoint: 360°C / 680°F. - Temperature range: 150 to 450°C, 300 to 842°F. - Stability: + or - 2°C. - Power: 68 W. -

A propos de la traduction High-powered 230 V soldering iron

In stock
In stock, shipped today
17 January 2017
- Power range from 50 to 400 W.
- Supplied withan offset plate.
- Very high performance offering excellent robustness.
- Shape designed for difficult access.
- Brilliant copper plate.
-Stainless steel heating body tube.
- This soldering iron complies withthe requirements of standard EN 60335. - 2-45.

L [mm]: 300
Ü of plate [mm]: 10
Plate: 947.100P1
Power [W]: 100
Tip temperature ± 10% [°]:420
[g]: 440
[g] Max.: 440

A propos de la traduction Autonomous soldering iron

Under 1 week
Under 1 week
- Power equivalent to75 watts.
- Adjustable flow and power, 45 min. autonomy at max. power.
- Max. temperature. 1,300°c.
- Piezo ignition.
- Heating time: 40sec.
- Rechargeable with butane gas (iron supplied empty).
- 1075.G1:

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