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VAG Engine Timing Tool Kit - UO10114

VAG Engine Timing Tool Kit

In stock, shipped
24 April 2017

Description A propos de la traduction

- suitable for following engines:
1.9/2.0 ltr. unit injector drive
1.9 ltr. TDI (normal Diesel)
2.5 ltr. V6-TDI (no gasoline)
3.3 ltr. V8-TDI (no gasoline)
1.2 ltr. 3-cylinder and 1.4/1.6 ltr. gasoline engine
- contains important adjustment tools such as:
setting gauge for camshaft(e.g. VW 1.9 l. TDI)
- locking tool for timing belt
(e.g. VW / Skoda 1,9 l / 2.0 l TDI pump/nozzle)
- camshaft locking tool
(e.g. VW / Audi 2.5 l V6 TDI)
- adjustable tensioner wrench
(universal for VW / Audi)
- injection pump locking pin
(e.g. VW / Audi / Seat / Skoda)
- mountingplate for timing belt tensioner
(VW / Skoda 4 cyl. TDI pump/nozzle)
- 22 mm open socket
for Diesel injectors
- camshaft setting tools, to be used as OEM
T10123, T10120, 3458, 3418, 2065A, 3366,T10098 / 3418
- crankshaft setting tools, to be used as OEM
T10121,3242, T10050, T10100
- tensioner pulley locking pins, to be used as OEM
T10060A,T10020, T10008, T40011
- injection pump locking tools, to be used as OEM
3359, 2064
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