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Wheel chocks - security regulation - VW 181

Number of parts : 6

A propos de la traduction Pack of 4 Fiamma WHEEL SAVER chocks

Customers' note : 50 votes
50 notas
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In stock, shipped
17 December 2018
2 pairs of Fiamma WHEEL SAVER chocks.
Thanks to their rounded shape, these special chocks avoid 'ovalling' the tires of vehicles parked for a long time during restoration or wintering.

Adapted to wheels with a max diameter of 70 cm.
The chocks can be fixed directly the the floor of the garage for greater stability.
Resistant plastic material (suitable for campers).
Dimensions (l x w x max h): 46 x 21 x 6 cm.
Sold in sets of 4 chocks.

A propos de la traduction Pair of Fiamma WHEEL SAVER chocks

Customers' note : 17 votes
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In stock
In stock, shipped
17 December 2018
Paine of Fiamma Wheel Saver chocks.
Wheel chocks for campervans preventing tyres becoming out-of-round.
Suitable for wheels with max. diameter of 70 cm.
Recommended for prolonged parking and over-wintering of campervans and caravans.Possibility of fastening chocks directly to the floor of the garage for improved stability.
Made from resistant plastic.
Dimensions (max. Lx l x h): 46 x 21 x 6 cm.
Sold in pairs.

A propos de la traduction 2 Fiamma LEVEL UP wheel chocks 2.5T

Customers' note : 9 votes
9 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped
17 December 2018
For chocking and levelling parked campers or caravans. Vital for the winter period.
Light and resistant.
Equipped with an anti-slip surface, they provide great grip.
Made from HR polyethylene, they are particularly hard-wearing.
Not for stacking.
Chock features:
Colour: grey.
Dimensions (1 chock): 57x20x13 cm.
Number of levels: 3.
Maximum weight per axle: 5 tonnes (2.5 tonnes per chock).
Weight (1 chock): 1.45 kg.
Sold as a pair of chocks.

We also recommend an optional CHOCK LEVEL pair of stops, an ANTI SLIP PLATE and a Fiamma LEVEL BAG storage bag.

A propos de la traduction Cales de roue LEVEL UP Fiamma, ensemble de 4 cales

In stock
In stock, shipped
17 December 2018
Pour le calage et la mise à niveau du camping-car ou de la caravane, en position de stationnement. Indispensable pour la période d'hivernage.
Légères et résistantes.
Double sécurité: 2 cales à l'avant, 2 cales à l'arrière.
Dotée d'une surface antidérapante, elles offrent une grande adhérence.
En polyéthylène HR, elles sont particulièrement résistantes.
Non superposables.
Caractéristiques d'une cale:
Coloris: gris.
Dimensions (Cale): 57x20x13 cm.
Nombre de niveaux: 3.
Portée maximum par essieu:5 Tonnes (2.5 Tonnes par cale).
Poids (Cale): 1.45 Kg.
Unité de vente: Kit de 4 cales.

Nous recommandons en option: une paire de butées CHOCK LEVEL, une plaque antidérapante ANTI SLIP PLATE, un sac de rangement LEVEL BAG Fiamma.

A propos de la traduction CAMPER PLUS inflatable Flat Jack chock

In stock
In stock, shipped
17 December 2018
For tyres of width up to 255cm and vehicles with a PTAC of less than 7.5 t.
Eases pressure on chassis and tyres when parking on rough terrain.
Inflatable using a valve adaptable to a conventional compressor (not supplied), it is easy to use and does not take up much space (66x1x43cm folded) in the camper van when stored.
Double wall air cushion is particularly resistant.
An air cushion can raise the vehicle by up to 6cm. It can hold up to one additional cushion, raising the vehicle by up to 12cm.
Composition: Polyurethane (PU) / Nylon.
Operating pressure: 0.6-1.2 bar max.
Weight: 0.7kg.
Sold individually.

Wait for the vehicle to come to a complete stop before beginning inflation.

A propos de la traduction 2 metal folding wheel chocks

Customers' note : 56 votes
56 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped
17 December 2018
Folding metal wheel chocks. Sold by pairs.
This is an essential tool when using lifting ramps, axle stands and jacks. These folding wheel chocks don't take a lot of space when stored.

-Length: 13 cm
-Width: 9.5 cm
-Height of folded wheel chock: 2.5 cm
-Height of unfolded wheel chock: 7.5 cm

The wheel chocks must be used on solid and stable ground.
For your safety, it is advisable use your handbrake when using this equipment.

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