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Revista AIRMIGHTY N°17 - Aircooled VW Lifestyle Megascene - VF30022

Revista AIRMIGHTY N°17 - Aircooled VW Lifestyle Megascene

En depósito, enviado
lunes, 27 de marzo de 2017

Descripción A propos de la traduction

Revista de 164 páginas,con buen artículo y presentación. Cada artículo está traducido al francés, inglés y alemán. Para coleccionar

The Cars:
A Low Type34 Ghia From France with alace paint job roof and a super lowered stance.
Frank_x001A_s GFK Rag Top _x001A_58 A typical So-Cal German Folks Klub, more than perfect, Resto Cal Beetle.
Porsche Powered Kombi An 11 Window with a Porsche 914 ,Type4 engine and 5-speed gearbox!
Two OG ,Manx Buggies Jacky Morel_x001A_s pair of Manx Buggies.
A Bone Stock Hebmüller #201, a superb stockfully retoldod ultra rare Hebmüller convertible!
The Highroof Panel Onesuper straight safari_x001A_d dove blue highroof panel camper from Florida.
A French Cal Look Rag Top After years of dreaming of a Cal Look BeetleEric Latour finally built his ride.

The Shows:
Bug Bash in Florida Cocoa Beach invaded by VW_x001A_s!
Time For A Jumpstart The Irish fill a tiny town with Aircooled cars, a jolly small VW meeting.
Top VW ,Show In Italy Second edition for this Italian show.
More Global VW Shows Show Hoppin_x001A_ around the Globe!
Spa_x001A_s Bug Show A weekend full of Aircooled VW_x001A_s on the famous F1 race track in Belgium.
Vintage VW Museum Day A Museum in The Hague was the backdrop fora Vintage VW ,gathering.
SCC, Norway_x001A_s Finest! And also Norway_x001A_s Fastest VW event.
Hebmüller Get Together A show exclusively for Hebmüller owners hosted at the old factory.
El Dub_x001A_s Nostalgia Corner ElDub on a quest for the ideal family ride now he_x001A_s just got another baby.

...and more!
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