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Parts for Peugeot 205

The Peugeot 205 is known for having saved Peugeot and has been the brand's benchmark car since 1983. The 205, codenamed M24 (project M24), was studied by Peugeot at the end of 1977. The first prototype came out in 1981 and production started at the end of 1982 for a release on 23 February 1983. Production ended at the end of 1998. The 205 is also a mythical car in the history of motor sport thanks to its Turbo 16 version. It is thanks to the numerous Peugeot 205 models and derivatives (GL, GR, SR, GT, GTI, XE, XT, XS, XL, XRD...) that the car will know such a strong popularity during all these years and still do today. The most famous and appreciated versions of the Peugeot 205 today are the GTI/GT/XS/Rallye/Roland Garros/Lacoste versions.

Restoring or renovating a Peugeot 205

You want to drive your Peugeot 205 with complete peace of mind but it's been acting up? Your car may need quality spare parts, whether for the interior or the engine. Fortunately for you, you won't have to replace your car because you've come to the right place, Mecatechnic offers you a whole range of spare parts for Peugeot 205. Whether it's for parts related to the brakes, engine, exhaust, suspensions/chassis and even the interior of your Peugeot 205. We don't sell used parts, we sell new parts and you will probably find what your car needs in our catalogue. As a bonus, you will discover in our offer that we sell collection books for 205 but also a restoration guide for Peugeot 205 GTI.

Our categories of spare parts for Peugeot 205

Our catalogue is composed of different families in order to offer you a large choice of products for your 205. Discover our different categories of spare parts for Peugeot 205 a little more in detail :

  • Convertible Hood 
    • As its name indicates, you will find in this category all our convertible tops for Peugeot 205 and their accessories.
  • Suspension and chassis
    • Everything you need in terms of shock absorbers, chassis and front axle.
  • Exhaust
    • We offer complete Millteck lines, catalytic converters, decatalysts and exhaust manifolds.
  • Brakes
    • In terms of spare parts for the braking of your 205 we offer brake hoses (brake pads, parking brake, brake master cylinder...)
  • Interior
    • Trunk lining, upholstery and carpeting
  • Wheels and rims
    • All our rims for your Peugeot 205
  • Engine
    • We offer spare parts for air systems, fuel systems, oil systems etc. (engine mountings, oil cooler, spark plugs and glow plugs, engine oil...)
  • Automotive bookstore
    • Repair guide and collector's book

Our objective is to allow Peugeot 205 enthusiasts to renovate, restore and above all to drive their car with complete peace of mind. For that you will discover in our catalogue all the parts to maintain your 205. Our list of parts is not exhaustive, it is improved little by little and you can make us if you wish recommendations of Peugeot 205 spare parts to improve our catalogue.