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Spare parts for Peugeot cars

Founded in 1810 by two brothers in the Doubs region of France, the Peugeot brand is at the origin of the PSA group, which includes the Citroën, Vauxhall and Opel brands.

Among the most mythical models are the Peugeot 203, the Peugeot 404 and the Peugeot 104 ("The smallest sedan in the world") but also the famous Peugeot 205. The most produced car by Peugeot until the arrival of the 206, it exists in sedan version (3 and 5 doors), convertible and van.

The Peugeot 205 is undoubtedly one of the most popular cars in France, with a brilliant career as a sports car on the road and in competition, it has conquered, through its epic, the hearts of French people, but has also seduced beyond the borders to be exported in Europe but also in West and Central Africa and Japan.

The sacred number is a myth of a bygone era, inspiring nostalgia in many enthusiasts.

Peugeot 205, when the lion takes out its claws

Born under the code name M24, the 205 saved Peugeot from a period of crisis.

Indeed, presented on January 20, 1983 at the Loews Hotel in Monte-Carlo by Roland Peugeot and Vic Dial, more than 400 dealers enthusiastically discovered the sacred number. Baptized with champagne on stage after being assembled in less than 60 minutes on the hotel's helipad, history is in the making!

The Franc-Comtois manufacturer shows an aggressive marketing and its beauty does not know how to go unnoticed, so much so that the vehicle has had a 16-year career.

André Costa, a renowned journalist of the automotive press and known for his uncompromising judgments, praises the vehicle: "I confess myself unable to find a real fault with it as far as stability is concerned, the suspension of the 205 is a 100% success doing credit to the technicians who developed it, with road holding, steering and general comfort that more or less touch the exceptional and also with satisfactory performance, consumption and presentation, this car is born under auspices capable of ensuring it a very great success, first in France and then in the countries where Peugeot will show the intention of selling it with sufficient energy and intelligence."