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Parts for BMW Series 3 E90 E91 E92 E93

The BMW E90 succeeds to the E46 on the popular category of the serie 3. It is the fifth generation released at the middle of 2004. Longer than 5cm and larger than 8cm, the E90 has a 460 liters trunk. First appeared in sedan version with 4 doors and called E90, thus the range was completed with usual bodywork versions, to which are given different names. At the end of 2005 the break 'E91' was commercialized and was named Touring, thus it was the turn of a beautiful coupé 'E92' in 2006 and a last version coupé-convertible 'E93' with a tough retractable hood, came extend the range at the beginning of 2007. Finally, it's the turn of the Sport M3 to birth at the end of the same year. By complement of Motorsport versions for Coupé and Convertible, we can note the return of Sedan M3 version, absent of the E46 range, to bring a smile to the family sport fathers. About motorizations, the Diesel are extended from the sober 4 cylinders 2.0 116hp of the 316d, to the big 6 cylinders 3.0 biturbo 24 valves of the 335d, which develops the 286hp beautiful cavalry permiting to reach the 0 to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds. The range of the fuel engines spreads from the vivid 4 cylinders 1.6 of 122hp, to the powerful and singing V8 4.0 of 420hp which equips the Sport M3, that settles for only 4,6 seconds on the exercice of 0 to 100 km/h. To be powerful, an alternative integral transmission to a classic propulsion is available on some motorizations, with the xDrive system that comes from the little 4x4 X3, charactarized by a 'x' on the model name. Still at the peak of competitiveness, BMW offers to the serie 3 Efficient Dynamics innovations since 2007, in order to reduce the combustible consumption and harmful emissions. These smart technologies includes the transformation of the brake energy to electricity in order to recharge the battery, the stop function and the engine in neutral automatic restart, an indicator of speed changes on the dashboard, the electrical direction that uses less energy than the hydraulic version, and an optimized aerodynamism by air vent control system on the grill, that will be open depending on engine cooling needs. Thanks to these innovation measures, the excellent BMW serie 3 E90 already corresponds to the Euro 6 standars since 2008, before the implementation of the Euro 5 !