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Parts for Porsche 911 & 912

Presented in 1963 at the Franckfurt Motor Show, the Porsche 911, originally called 901, has been produced and comercialized from the following year. Equipped with an 2.0l six-cylinders engine of 130hp, a variant of the 911 was presented in the same year, th 912. The 912 received the engine 1.6l of the 365, which develops 90hp. After 3 years of production, the 911 was proposed in two versions, the 911 L, for 'Lexus': and the 911 S, for 'Sport' of 160hp, and then 170hp in 1968. At the same time, the 912 took the name Targa, in reference to the racing Targa Florio won by Porsche many times. The 911 T for 'Touring' was introduced in 1967. It was equipped with the engine 'boxer' of 110hp. In 1969, all the 911 had the 2.2l, and then 2.4l in 1972, increasing at the same time the power of each version of the 911. Like this, while the 'L' disappeared from the catalog to give a way to the 911 E, the most powerful version (911S) passed to 190hp and became the faster car made in Germany (240km/h). After 10 years of production, the 911 was thoroughly reviewed and Porsche revealed in 1973 the Type G. In 1974, Porsche presented the car which will become a legend : the 911 Turbo. It was the first sporting car equipped with a turbocompressor and a 30.l of 260hp, which ensured it more than 250km/h of top speed. In 1976, the brand comercialized two new models, the 3.0l Carrera, (200hp) and the SC (180hp to 204hp). At that time, Porsche wanted to get rid of the 911 in order to give priority to the other models. It was face to the attachment of the customer for this car that its successor was presented in 1988.