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Parts for Porsche 356

The 356 was the fisrt car in the catalogue Porsche, in 1948 and was imagined by Ferry Porsche on the mechanical basis of the Beetle developed by his father Ferdinand. The latter wanted a small sporting car with an attractive weight-power ratio and an accessible price. The first version of the Porsche 356, the pre-A, was equipped with the 4-cylinders designed by VW, slightly modified in order to achieve 40hp and placed in rear central position. Its car body, initially completely in aluminium was placed on a tubular chassis.

Proposed in coupé and cabriolet from its launch in 1948, its power and its engine increased over the years to achieve 70hp in 1955 with the 356 1500 S (100hp for the model 356 1500 GS Carrera, version derived from the competition). In the same year, the 356 was available with a new car body : the 356 pre-A Speedster. From 1956, the Porsche 356 progressed with some stylistic improvements and a gain in equipments ; it is the 356 A.

We note the emergence, among other things, of chrome trims, a new handle of hood and a new dashboard. The engine flat 4 stayed in version 1300 and 1300 S, on the other hand the 1500 gave way to the new 1600 and 1600 S of 60hp and 75hp. In 1958, the version Speedster disappeared, replaced by the 'convertible D': made by Drauz. The version B of the Porsche 356 appeared in 1960 for 3 years.

More and more advanced, it offered a better visibility with its enlarged windsceen, more security with the adoption of disc brakes and more power since the 4-cylinders of 1600cc produced at the time 90hp. For the first time in 1962, the version 356 Carrera 2 was equipped with a 2.0l of 130hp ! The fourth and last version of the 356, the C, was produced between 1964 and 1965.

It is a limited evolution of all the last versions of the B, without significant change. The 1600 SC (Super C) replaced the 1600 S and won 5hp, the version Carrera 2.0l 130hp stayed in the catalogue. It was in 1965 when the Porsche 356 bowed out, after 77 361 produced copies, of which it is estimated that barely the half remain today… which is a few and a lot at the same time.