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Parts for Porsche 924

These 4 generations of Porsche principally stand out from the others thanks to their design; different from the one we know of the 911, and thanks to their development, placing their engine cooled by water in front position. The Porsche 924, just like the 914, come from a common project between Porsche and Volkswagen, but faced with a difficult economic situation, VW decided to focus on its large public model, the Golf, and left Porsche with all the development and the production. The 924 was presented in 1976, equipped with an atmospheric 2.0l of 125cv coming from the Audi motorizations. Judged not enough powerful, it was equipped with a turbo, bringing its power at 170 and then 177hp, and 210hp in 1981 for the launch of the version Carrera GT. The 924, appeared in 1985, was equipped with the atmospheric 2.5l of the 944. The Porsche 944 was commercialized from 1981. Designed from the same basis than the 924, it used the same general outline and technical characteristics, namely an engine in frontal position and a gearbox in rear position (transxle), to balance the car body. The 944 was equipped with a 2.5l within a range from 163 to 250hp (944 turbo). In 1989, the versions 2.7l and 3.0l of 165hp and 211hp appeared. Around 163 000 copies of the 944 were produced. The third evolution after the 924 and the 944 was presented in 1991 at the Frankfurt International Auto Show. With the name of Porsche 968, it stayed in the tradition of the 944, while adopting lines slightly more rounded. Available in coupé and cabriolet, it was equipped with an engine 3.0l for 240hp, associated for the first time with the 'tiptronic' automatic gearbox. At that time, it had the biggest atmospheric engine in 4 cylinders which equipped a production car, and the most powerful in the world! Parallel of these three models, a more powerful and luxurious version was commercialized between 1978 and 1995: the Porsche 928. Although its air of family makes it closer of its younger sisters with 4 cylinders, it is what is situated under the front cover which makes the 928 a car very different. Indeed Porsche chose a V8 to equip this version, principally intended for the American market. The engine 4.5l of 240hp of 1978 progressed rapidly with the arrival of sportier versions and passed to 5.0l and then 5.4l and 350hp on the version 928 GTS of 1992. In 1995 the production of the Porsche 928 came to an end, just like the 968, because of an unfavourable economic situation and a strong competition.