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Parts for VW Buggy

The Buggy was born in the US in 1963, invented by Bruce MEYERS, a Californian surfer looking for a beach car to transport its surfboards. Inspired by the creations of young Americans using shorted and pared-down Jeep, he decided to create a lighter vehicle, single-hulled vessel in polyester, placed on a tubular chassis and propeled by an engine-gearbox set of Volkswagen Beetle or Corvair. Very quickly Bruce MEYERS realized the success of its 'buggy' and decided to commercialize it as a kit or complete, making some improvements. He replaced the tubular chassis by a pared-down chassis of VW Beetle, whose he already included a lot of elements. The VW Manx was born ! Bruce called his Buddy like this in reference to the name given to the cat without a tail of the island of Man. The idea was brilliant : the old Cox could be found easily at a reasonable price, his do-it-yourself kit was a hit with the 'DIYers' which indulged in the pleasures of assembly of their recreational vehicle. Never happy, Bruce MEYERS felt he could do even better than the Manx and added a small Buggy to his range : the VW Tow'd (literally 'towable' that most people called the 'Toad'). Most simple concerning the conception, he came back to the tubular chassis, solid and easy to make, the hull in polyester was replaced by thermoformed plastic. In spite of the innovative concept inexpensive for the manufacturing, the complicated management of its production and the funds caused the closing down of the factory in 1971. Almost 5 300 Buggies Meyers Manx have been sold between 1965 and 1971. Quickly copied, the demand became more important, the idea and the Buggy of Bruce escaped from him. The number of 'Buggies' now in circulation is estimated at more than 200 000 all over the world. The most famous French Buggy was made and approved for a road use (car registration document 'Type MOD' for 'modified') by the LM Sovra near to Orleans, a Buggy very inspired by the Manx. Let us not forget the fabulous cross-country that is the 'Baboulin': the 'Moncorgé' and the Belgian 'Apal'.