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Snow sock

Winter equipment for driving in snow or ice is as useful and safe in the plains as in the mountains, and even in the city when it is freezing. So equip yourself!
Remember that day when you got stuck when you came back from work, or during a weekend visiting friends? It is sure that before leaving, you thought that it was not useful to buy snow chains or install snow tires!

Today, never put yourself in a dangerous situation, think of ISSE textile snow chains to equip your vehicle at any time, as soon as it is necessary. Do not get stuck in bad weather and keep all the grip you need to travel safely!
This compact equipment will always find a place in your trunk for the winter season, and its ultra-fast installation will bring you safety while ensuring a very pleasant driving comfort!
Three levels of ranges exist and cover all uses, from occasional to intensive. Whatever the model, snow socks are economical because they are washable and reusable:

• The best compromise is the CLASSIC range, reserved for occasional use, we recommend this model if you do not live in the mountains or in areas heavily affected by the weather. The best snow chain to avoid being trapped!
• The best quality is the SUPER range, recommended for regular users of winter equipment, it is reinforced by its greater thickness, it is the top of the range brand ISSE. SUPER textile chains are made for you if you are used to snowstorms or if you want to be able to access mountain passes for holidays.
• Finally, choose the HYBRID range, which is adapted to high icy roads, the best complement for vehicles equipped with snow tires for good grip in all weather conditions, especially when your tires are at the limit.

With the ISSE snow socks, you will ride safely on snow. Your journey will be with a smile!
Do not hesitate to complete your winter equipment with a de-icing product or a shovel that will get you out of dangerous situations.