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Aluminium - seal - Consumable Auto, Moto

Number of parts : 1

A propos de la traduction 300-piece Aluminum Seal Assortment

Customers' note : 25 votes
25 notas
In stock
In stock, shipped tomorrow
24 November 2017
- especially suitable for oil drain plugs
- suitable for all popular vehicles
- sizes:
5x 9x1,0 8x14x1,5 12x16x1,0 14x20x1,5 18x24x1,5 22x29x1,5
6x10x1,0 9x14x1,0 12x16x1,5 14x20x2,0 20x24,5x1,5 24x29x1,5
6x12x1,0 10x14x1,0 12x18x1,5 16x20x1,5 20x24,5x0,8 24x32x2,0
8x12x1,0 10x14x1,5 13x18x1,0 16x22x1,5 19x26x2,0 26x34x2,0
8x14x1,0 10x16x1,0 14x18x1,5 18x22x1,5 22x27x1,0 28x36x2,0

in plastic storage case
Black Friday ! 16.65 € ATI instead of 18.50 € ATI, depending on the product availability.

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