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Parts for VW Golf 1

Appeared in 1974, the VW Golf has the difficult task of coming after the emblematic model of Volkswagen and its 21 millions produced copies: the Beetle. This new city car appears radically different both from design and mechanism point of view : sharp lines, front-wheel drive and 1.1l or 1.5l water cooled engines, situated this time under the front cover. Its success was very rapid and allows it to enter the modern era. The Golf' success was assited by the arrival of the GTI version, marketed in France in October 1976 with a robust 1.6l engine of 110hp in mechanical injection H-Jetronic from Audi. This version will represent almost a quarter of the orders in France. Volkswagen switched to Diesel from 1977 with the Golf D. The range grows with the arrival of the Golf cabriolet in 1979 and the pickup named Caddy in 1982. The Golf 1 sedan disappears in 1983 after more than 6.5 millions sold copies! The Caddy and the Cabriolet continued to spread out in Europe until 1992.