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Distribution Pulleys Belts - for honda - Special tools manufacturers

Number of parts : 3

If you did not find the tools corresponding to your vehicle, please send us a message with the following information :

• The brand
• The model of your vehicle
• The year of its production
• The engine
• The engine code
• The purpose of the tool you are looking for (timing belt…)

You can also tel us :
• OEM tool code

A propos de la traduction Balancer Shaft Locking Screw

In stock
In stock, shipped today
23 November 2017
For use with a range of Honda models
OEM code 07LAG-PT20100
Engine Timing tool
Complete in a cardboard box

A propos de la traduction Engine Timing Tool Set - Honda

In stock
In stock, shipped today
23 November 2017
Honda 1.6 â?? 3.0 SOHC (single cam) and DOHC (twin cam) petrol engines as listed
Engines 1.6 B16A2,
1.8-F18A3, F18B2, F18B4,
2.0 F20AF, F20B3, F20B5, F20B6, F20B7, F20Z1, F20Z2
2.2 F22Z2, F22B5, F22B8, F22A2, H22A5, H22A7, H22A8 2.3 F23A7, F23Z5, H23A2 ,H23A3
3.0 J30A1.
Models Civic (91-95) Accord (93-03) Prelude (92-01) Shuttle/Odyssey (95-01).
Essential tool.

A propos de la traduction 26-piece Engine Timing Tool Kit for Honda, Mazda, etc.

In stock
In stock, shipped today
23 November 2017
- for Honda, Mazda, Subaru, Hyundai, Daewoo, etc.
- important kit when working on the engine,
e.g. timing belt, general engine settings, camshafts, etc.
- incl. application chart

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