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wrench adaptator

Torque adaptor
(UO10665 / UO10660 / UO09032)

How do you reset the adaptor during the setting up of a battery?
When you change the battery, a manipulation must be done in order to reset the adaptor in its initial state.

  • Before setting up the new battery, press the button (Power)
  • Put the battery (while continuing to press “ Power ”;)
  • Once the battery is placed in its hole, continue to press during at least 6 seconds.

Starting up of the adaptor:

  • Press the button “Power” during 3 seconds. It will be indicated on the LCD screen " Trace " or " PtoP "
  • After 2 seconds, a reset will be made on the screen
  • Press at the same time on + and – in order to change the unit of measurement. (N-m / F-Ib / I-Ib /
  • The tool can be used, control your torque
  • If you want to memorize a measure, use + and -. Press on Mem to memorize your measure. During the tightening, a green LED will indicate that you have not achieve your torque, a red LED and a sound signal announce you that the torque is achieved.

After 80 seconds of inactivity, the adaptor automatically switches off.